4 sports practiced by Off Road riders

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4 sports practiced by Off Road riders

Pilots Trial, Motocross and Enduro in addition to devote hours and hours to their sport, many others need to be fit. Three of the most important qualities for the Trial, for example, are “agility, balance and be mentally strong,” as said Toni Bou a year ago. In the case of Motocross and Enduro in addition to those qualities it is also important to have flexibility, strength, reaction speed and endurance. To do this, the protagonists of these disciplines have to practice the following sports:
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Swimming: Swimming is the ultimate endurance activity. And it is because it forces you to constantly move. And it is that whether you go along as if you stay suspended in the water, you are in constant motion, so aerobic exercise is done consistently, which is beneficial for cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Running: Running helps maintain strong legs, strengthens the ankles, chest capacity increases, prevents osteoporosis, increases bone density, improves circulation, blood pressure and increases joint flexibility.

Weights: all athletes make a greater or lesser extent weights in the gym. There are many types of exercises with weights, but are vital to strengthen the muscle.

Cycling: is one of the most recommended sports for physically improve, and one of the hardest. Much of the work of legs much power and strength gains.

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