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5 conclusions about Japan Grand Prix World Trial

Last weekend the second round of the World Outdoor Trial held in Japan was played. The first day TRS rider Adam Raga took the victory, while the second was Honda rider, Toni Bou.

1- Despite winning the second day, Toni Bou finished second in the first round of GP of Sapinand also in Japan. That shows that this year, although it must take into account that he began injured shoulder, his rivals not you going to make things easy. The Honda rider is just 5 points and Adam Raga has not been as good as usual in the opening days of the two races contested to date.

2- “Today is a historic day for TRS” said Adam Raga after his first victory in the World Outdoor and counting his second victory at Sheffield Indoor. Despite having already served 34 years and to have changed his bike this year, Catalan has demonstrated a great level of adaptation. Only to 5 points of Toni Bou, Raga has chances to break the streak of 9 consecutive championships Honda Pilot.

3- After a slow start to the championship, Fujinami came home with all the motivation in the world. The veteranísimo Honda rider has shown that with that extra motivation still remains one of the best drivers in the world. His two third places in both conferences have made up positions in the General Classification.

4- One of the few times the World Championship leaves Europe is to travel to Japan and the experience is very good. Honda and Fujinami are the Asian country and joined the crowd of Trial exists, make the Grand Prix in a real spectacle.

5- At Trial 125, Jack Peace continued his phenomenal run to get his third win and a great advantage over its rivals. In fact, Peace takes out 32 points to second-placed German Max Faude (Beta), and shows that it has everything to be in a few years the King of the World Trial.

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