5 conclusions of the National Motocross Championship in Murcia

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5 conclusions of the National Motocross Championship in Murcia

The circuit of Las Salinas of Murcia has seen one of the toughest competitions around the Motocross Championship 2016 Spain this last weekend. Alhama Club had a total of 106 riders of the Elite-MX1, MX2 and MX125 categories. That fact undoubtedly led to take these conclusions:

1.-The training day on Saturday was a big dispute for making the best times. Pilots who highlighted throughout the day were Jose Antonio Butrón, Iker Larrañaga, Simeó Ubach, Oriol Casas and Francesc Mataró.

2.-Jose Antonio Butrón was the best of the Elite-MX1 category. Even with the fall that had the rider in the first lap of the first race, he managed to stand out from its competitors. In both races Butrón managed to trace positions or stay the first followed by the pilots Ander Valentin and Franciso Utrilla.

3.-Iker Larrañaga took the first position in the MX2 category. Both Larrañaga and Butron are from KTM team, so the austrian brand is having very good results during these last tests.

4.-Followed by Iker Larranaga in the second Elite category are Simeó Ubach and Carlos Fernández Macanás, which are very close in the number of points. If the competition was hard in Talavera, the circuit of Alhama in Murcia has complicated the dispute to get the podium.

5.-In the category MX125 the level of the competition was so difficult, and that was the reason because It wasn’t until the last moment when it was a clear the winner of the race, Joel Anthony. The rider earned the first position followed by Paul Naert and Mario Lucas. Alex Santín, despite his fall during the competition got an eighth position which not shows the great season that is making the pilot.

The next round of RFME Motocross Championship in Spain will be in Lleida, in the village of Bellpuig on 21 and 22 of may with Elite, MX125 and MX85-150 categories.

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