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7 conclusions of the trial season

Another season is about to end in one of the most important categories in the world of off-road, the trial. It has been an intense year, perhaps one of the most competitive in recent times by different factors, although the final results haven’t been far from those that have occurred in past courses. However, ahead of next season there are several ideas that should be taken into account; 7 conclusions we draw from this exciting course.

1. Toni Bou is, definitely, the greatest of all time.

If it was practically impossible to deny such a capital evidence at this point last year, this time, with two more world titles to his credit, seems a utopia. Toni Bou, sponsored by Braktec, is not only the best pilot trial ever seen, but is also among the greatest athletes in history. 20 world titles (10 in outdoor and 10 in indoor) that raise the Honda Montesa rider, team also sponsored by Braktec, to the altars. And more after checking how it has been this season. It’s been two adjusted wins for Bou, who reached the glory in Marseille (indoor) and Valchiampo (outdoor), despite the pressure of the magnificent Adam Raga and the physical problems he suffered.

2.The change in Adam Raga TRS has been almost unbeatable.

At this point last season, the decision to Adam Raga, pilot sponsored by Braktec, was not easy. TRS change was perhaps somewhat risky, but after all it was a risky move that made Raga confident about compete again for being the best. And the truth is that time has proved him right: in a world completely dominated by Toni Bou, Raga has been close to beat him. It’s true, he didn’t, but this was the first year, perhaps the most difficult of all. The Ulldecona rider was perfectly aware that he had to adapt to his new bike and team as quickly as possible, as he told us in an interview at the end of the season, and now that it has done, the general feeling that remains Raga is that seems to be more serious rival than ever.

3. Fujinami, still fit.

It has been a special season for Takahisa Fujinami. The Japanese rider, sponsored by Braktec, has gone from strength to strength this season. After a more than decent performance at the indoor World Championship, the Japanese clearly improved in the second half of the season, as he even took the win in the French test and finished in the top 3 in the world again. It’s clear that age is not a limit for ‘Fujigas’, which closes the course with the feeling that he still has a lot to give.
4. Albert Cabestany remains competitive.

Albert Cabestany is always there. He may not win World Cups, but always competes and offers the best of itself. The Spaniard, also sponsored by Braktec, began the season struggling as much: he had his chances to take the indoor World Champions -in fact, he arrived in Marseille with some options-, but finally had to succumb to the power of Toni Bou. Later eventually he signed a very creditable fourth place in the outdoor World Championship, before returning to win the Trial of Nations with Bou and Raga again. Surely he is a constant, tenacious, hardworking pilot and delivers results. He’s been like that this season and will remain so.
5. Fajardo never gives up.

Jeroni Fajardo has had a difficult season, but never stop fighting. The pilot sponsored by Braktec had a team debut with Vertigo this season, but, as he says, there is still a long way to go. Fajardo has faced an injury and acclimatization period of the new team, but has only resisted as he knows. His 173 points in this final season meant a prize for the Spaniard.
6. Jaime Busto is the greatest promise of the trial.

It has been a special season for Jaime Busto, sponsored by Braktec. Busto has had the opportunity to participate in both the indoor and the outdoor World Championship, and also participated in the victory of Spain in the indoor X-Trial of Nations, where his country was proclaimed world champion. It’s true, in the World outdoor finished sixth, but he finished just 22 points behind the third classificated. The final position is somewhat misleading, but its performance is unquestionable. We are facing a pearl trial.
7. Spain remains the world leader in the trial.

One of the things that hasn’t changed at all this season is that Spain continues to reign in the trial. Not only because they won both the indoor X-Trial des Nations and the outdoor Trial of Nations, but because seven out of the top ten finishers in the outdoor World Championship are Spanish. There have already been many years of domination, and it seems that one of the certainties is that today, the country’s trial is Spain.


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