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Adam Raga Blog: ”I feel that we are making history”

I like giving interviews  because I feel it is the best way to approach people who like the trial and fixed me to progress. When I was offered to write for the Blog Braktec I found it even more interesting, because having the opportunity to explain my feelings directly to you it is a privilege.

Today I would like to explain how I see the Outdoor World Championship that began a month ago. In the Grand Prix of Cal Rosal I was not good, the first day I made two mistakes in a relatively easy area and in the second I was not successful. In my opinion, the level of the zones was too low and that hurt me. I think in the World Championship the difficulty level always have to be high to enjoy the public. In Japan I won the first day and the second I could not. They changed many areas from one day to the other and that neither benefited me.

“My victory number 50, a dream come true”

As I was saying, the first day of the Japanese Grand Prix, I was in first position. I think it was something historic. In addition, it was my 50th win and made me special pleasure. They asked me if I had never imagined reaching this number of wins and the truth is that it is difficult to answer. I think it has much merit especially considering how difficult it is to win races now, since Toni Bou dominates the world trial.

“Do you know what Jordi Tarres told me when I proclaimed champion?”

Jordi, as you all know, is more than a partner or a boss to me, he is a person I admire very much. First because it is one of the best drivers in the history of the sport that I love. And second, because he trusted me in a difficult situation, he create this project, the TRS team. So when I proclaimed winner in Sheffield in the first round of Indoor, was something nobody expected and Jordi was very excited. And only in the third race of Outdoor and I get to win. With these two unexpected victories, I feel we are making history. No one has never managed to change his bike and win a race debut.

For TRS that is a big impact and it gives me chances to win the World Cup. At the end of the race, Jordi approached me and said: “Congratulations Adam. I’m really excited, this is a success and I am very proud to be the star of the project. ” I tell you truly, Jordi Tarres tell you this to finish the race is an incredible burden of moral, I am very happy.

“I’m one of the favorites to win the World Cup but it will be difficult”

I’m fine physically, with the bike every time I am more comfortable, and technically more and am a more complete rider. It is therefore clear that, as many believe, I’m one of the favorites to become world champion. But I have a lot of competition. Above all, Toni Bou, which although not 100%, I think it is 95% and still is to an even higher level than the previous year. These years I have noticed him to keep improving as a pilot, is very difficult to overtake but I think I get it. Not only is it. Cabestany is very strong, Fujinami is very motivated, Busto increasingly is closer and Fajardo has a very good technique. There are many rivals that put me things difficult.

 “I am very happy for Dougie Lampkin, he deserves it”

These days I have been following the test 6 days of Scotland and reminded me of when I ran over fifteen years ago. I was sixth, which was not bad for how young he was. But above all, the race won me a lot of experience. You think all young drivers should do it, but now there are many who do not want, it’s as if they got lazy. My advice is to go all to get cold and dirty, because without this costs a lot of learning to be a great pilot. Sandra Gomez is a good example of young driver who has been there for it and learn.

But, above all, to see win Dougie Lampkin has made me special pleasure. It is one of the best riders I’ve never seen in my life, and it’s amazing that after so many years of retirement, get follow won championships as difficult as this. It is a real specialist. Ever I have been asked if I want to run it again, and my answer is maybe yes, but within several years.

So much for my debut writing for the Blog Braktec. I sincerely hope that you enjoyed reading my views first hand. For my part, it has been very satisfactory. Thank you all. See you soon!

Adam Raga

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