Adam Raga: “Signing for TRS was a risk, but the result has been excellent”

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Adam Raga: “Signing for TRS was a risk, but the result has been excellent”

Adam Raga (Ulldecona, 1982) is one of the most special riders in the trial. He is always one of the few candidates to win every competition that he disputes, a fact that is quickly understood if you look at his achievement list. Raga is the main rival of the twenty times world champion Toni Bou, and although this course signed for an entirely new team as TRS, Raga has been fighting to the end for taking up his seventh world championship. Despite not achieve it, the TRS pilot has amply achieved the second position, which is quite a positive result for him, which makes him optimistic for next season. A future that he aims to “to keep giving trouble.”

Q: What are your thoughts on the world championship thas has just ended?

A: Very good. To be honest, we have done something very difficult which is to start not with a new bike but with a new motorcycle brand, plus obviously a new bike, in a world championship in which we have not only been very competitive but we have been to a great level, winning a race and battling to getting many more triumphs. When you value coolly you realize that is an amazing feat. In the end, seeing Honda win is a normal thing, but that we are second fighting many races for victory with a whole new brand with a new bike, with all new parts -which can break if they are not well made and they have been perfect-, it means a total success. Speaks highly of the preparation work that was done in winter.

We see that the valuation of your first year with TRS could not be better…

Yes, definitely. For me it was a risk to switch to a completely new bike, that had not experienced in racing world and we did not know how reliable it would be, and to be fair it has given excellent results. There are many things to improve, no doubt, but we have a good way to go.

Personally, you have finished in second position without opposition, even forcing Toni Bou to win the last race… we imagine you will be satisfied in that regard, too.

Yes, to be honest I would have liked to win more races, but as I say, I think it was good news to be at the level we have been. We will try to be more prepared for next year, but the result is satisfactory. This was my only world championship, including those where I was champion, which I think I have been every race on the podium. I have always been: third twice or three times and second the rest, except that one I won. Personally, it has been a very regular championship, with a very high level, which allowed me to be the world’s second still with three races remaining.

What did you think of the product Braktec this season?

It was very good. All of their products evolved, they are at higher level year by year. This season with the new brakes the brake reaction was very good, and I think they will still evolving in the future. It is very easy to work with Braktec because they always have one hundred percent availability to improve, help with any problems that may arise, or if the driver feels something they react quickly. Things like these make everything easier for us.

Finally, what is the next challenge for Adam Raga now that the world championship has ended?

Keeping training. Every year I am one older… You have to remember that my first win was in 2001; we are now in 2016 and I am still winning races. It is very difficult to stay at this level, so the goal is to try to keep it up. Obviously, even better if I can polish some details in order to be more competitive and continue giving trouble.

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