Adam Raga will try to get Spain to the top of Trial

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Adam Raga will try to get Spain to the top of Trial

Adam Raga, newly crowned world runner-up X-Trial Indoor held tomorrow the Trial of Nations in Nice representing Spain with Jaime Busto. At first it was going to be Toni Bou who would accompany the young Honda rider, but produced shoulder injury in training deprived of the opportunity to give Spain its tenth Championship. In addition, of elongating the injury, Bou could miss the first round of the World Outdoor Trial of Catalonia within a week. The world champion will be submitted today to new exams to get the full extent of the injury.

Undoubtedly, Spain is the top seed for the tournament, as Adam Raga is one of the best drivers in the history of the trial, having won 4 World Indoor. And besides, Raga will be accompanied by Busto, the young driver who despite his young age already have enough experience to make the cut on a date like this. Each country, as in the two previous editions of the event, will consist of a team of two men, although the FIM has launched an important and interesting change in regulations this year, so a member of the team must have less than twenty five years old. It should also be noted that in this third vera that Nice hosts the X Trial of Nations Team USA debut. These are all participants by country:

  • España: Adam Raga / Jaime Busto
  • Francia: Alexandre Ferrer / Benoit Bincaz
  • Gran Bretaña: James Dabill / Iwan Roberts
  • Italia: Matteo Grattarola / Gianluca Tournour
  • USA: Bryan Roper / Andrew Putt
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