After the break, everything is yet to be decided in the off-road

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After the break, everything is yet to be decided in the off-road

In summer is time to rest. Of course, in our days off we all like to forget the routine and let time pass without worrying about things. This is no exception in the off-road, which also gives weeks off to the pilots before tackling the final stretch of the season. But it all comes back and, again, the off-road world is not a special case. Although we have already surpassed the halfway in all competitions, there are still a few tests remaining. However, as we disconnect, we need to catch up: how are things going in each competition in each category?


In the trial, there is only a race remaining until we have the three winners. We know that the British Jack Price (Trial2) and Jack Peace (Trial125) are mathematically champions, but we still don’t know the name of the king of the premier class. The favorite is obviously Toni Bou, who leads the standings with 31 points ahead of Adam Raga. Only an unmitigated disaster on both days of the last test in Italy could lead to a change of script. Meanwhile, Raga has his second place safe if he does not just clinching the title. In the last Grand Prix (England) he secured at least the second step of the podium. But undoubtedly the most priced will be the third place: Fujinami is currently third with 169 points, 14 more than Albert Cabestany, 21 over Jaime Busto and 26 more than Jeroni Fajardo, but after his serious injury is not assured that the Japanese can compete at a hundred percent. The trial will return on September 3 to end on next day.


As in the case of the trial, the enduro world championship crown its champion in the last race in France. After a season of absolute domination by Matt Phillips and Eero Remes, youngster Steve Holcombe has sneaked into the battle after his last great performances. The situation is this: there is only one race remaining, Phillips is the leader with 198 points, followed by Holcombe with 183. Remes is third with 181 and fourth is Mathias Bellino, with 172 units. They are the four riders who arrive with options to be champions in the French GP, which will be held on 10 and 11 September.


After the last round in Switzerland, MXGP World Championship is closer than it was before the last Grand Prix. Tim Gajser is the leader with 89 points ahead of Antonio Cairoli, winner in Switzerland, while Febvre is a bit further off the hook, with 125 units behind. With three tests (the Netherlands, the first after the break on 27 August and two in the US), there is not a champion mathematically yet, although Gajser seems to be the clear favorite.


There are two races to be held until the championship S1 ends. The break came in the most exciting moment of the season, when Marc-Reiner Schmidt took his first victory and approached Thomas Chareyre in the overall standings. 14 points separate the two riders, the only candidates for the title. They will return to compete in Austria on 10 and 11 September to finish their own struggle on 17 and 18 of the same month in Italy.

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