Àngel Grau: “This last season has been the best in Suzuki Grau Racing history”

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Àngel Grau: “This last season has been the best in Suzuki Grau Racing history”

When we were going to spoke to Àngel Rodríguez i Grau (Lleida,1975) we knew that we would talk with such an ambitious and hardworking person. He wasn’t only a great driver, but his project team, Suzuki Grau Racing, is having some success. Every season is better than the last for the team, and that thing can only be achieved on the basis of sweat, effort, ambition and enthusiasm. These four requirements are met by our interviewee, who is celebrating the 5 titles that his team got this course… and it could be more.

QUESTION: Now the season is almost over, 3 titles of Spain and 2 Suzuki Grau Racing pilots have masterd in the World Championship of Nations. It does seem a brutal result, doesn’t it?

ANSWER: Yes, to be honest this has been an amazing season. We have won three international titles this year; the Supermotard European Championship, achieved by our Czech pilot, Petr Vorliceck, joins the second place in the Supermoto of Nations for one of our pilots and the Junior Championship with two of our representatives. Moreover, we took three Championships of Spain for the second consecutive year at the Open, Junior and Road categories and different results, along with others, that tend to be forgotten but also have great value. We finished in fifth, sixth and seventh in the Supermoto World Championship,third in the Championship of Spain Junior, and fourth in Open.

And we still haven’t finished the championships of Dirt Track and Flat Track, where we are leading with only a test remaining.

Q: I assume that securing titles at home, in Alcarràs, was so special.

A: Obviously, it always gives you an extra, but still the penultimate race was also in Alcarràs and we lost the lead. We came to this race with a margin of 23 points over second place in the Open category, but we went from bad to worse there: we broke the gearbox and had to work very hard to fix it in just 30 minutes. Thanks to the always impeccable mechanics we could do it, but in the second race we were unlucky again as David suffered a fall, so we knew that the final result wasn’t real at 100% and we had to give the most of us to get it. And so we did. It was very rewarding, a difficult day to forget.

Q: Was this last one the best season in Suzuki Grau Racing history?

A: Let me think … [laughs] Definitely yes, we came from a very good seasons for our interests and luckily we are improving year after year. Last season I said after our first treble that would be a difficult one to beat, and we did. But we are realistic, and in the end what counts is doing things right to fight for these results. Then there are years you’ll do better and some worse, but now it’s time to enjoy the moment and prepare for the next season to be competitive again and retain all these achievements.

Q: Where have you improved compared to other seasons?

A: This year maybe the change has been that I’ve been able to focus more on the team, because until now had to combine these tasks with the pilot ones, so it made it difficult to keep me as competitive as I wanted, and that led to make a difficult but correct decision. Now I like to have everything much more controlled, and try to be as professional as possible with budgets. In addition, I have the luck to have found a group of people, which are those that form the staff, that without them it wouldn’t be possible.

Q: Let’s talk about the winners. What can you tell me about David Giménez?

A: Right now is our flagship. He’s the clear dominator in Spain, in the junior category, now he has got the national crown in the premier class again, and already has six national titles. In addition, this year has added a great performance in the World Championship, getting placed among the five best in the world. I hope it serves as motivation to get many more successes.

Q. And about Ferran Cardús?

A: When we spoke to him earlier this year nobody doubted about his potential, and certainly he hasn’t disappointed. Another case of clear dominator in the Junior category, and if he had scored in the scratch classification he would have finished third. However, Ferran has given us spectacular races, making clear his potential: rookie of the year in Supermotard and the clear favorite in the Spanish Dirt Track and Flat Track. We still have to race the last tests in this mode and the great festival of Superprestige, where we will be attending and look forward to be spectacular.

Q. And about Pablo López?

A: Paul already raced the last two tests of 2015 with us, and there we saw his great potential. This year, completely under our structure, has been an important pillar for us. Along with teammate Xavi Cadires, were our strengths in the Road category, where we had never won the title, and Paul, from the first race, made it clear that it would be the man to beat. He’s been the clear dominator and has won more sleeves than anyone else. And we still had to add a lot of pole positions and fastest race laps… His best quality is the pace!

Q: What’s the secret of the recent success of Suzuki Grau Racing?

A: I think it’s the atmosphere. Me, because I’m the head and I always get complimented, but Suzuki Grau Racing is more than a team, it’s like a big family, and it shows in the atmosphere. Companionship, laughter and win are growing added values.

Starting with the pilots and following mechanical, companions, relatives, suspension technicians, our person of the press and all those who support us in this crazy project. They’re to blame for our big secret, which is what makes us great and we feel invincible because we know that together we got it all.

Q: How do you rate the Braktec product this season?

A: As I said in the previous question, our sponsors are also of our family, especially Braktec. This was our fourth season defending their colors and the material that we have right now has been crucial for improving the performance of our bike. From the racing department we have been working on the development of new products we are waiting for new developments of our bike. It is a long development work and endless tests, but we know that we are very near the end and we’ll see and test this material soon.

Q: What are the short-, medium- and long-term Suzuki Grau Racing goals?

A: In the short term, with Ferran, to get the two titles that are still in play. In the medium, we’d like to be very competitive in the Superprestige of Barcelona, ​​as we will be attending with several bikes. And in long term, I’d like to continue in the same line and keep supporting our youth talents and test pilots from other countries so they have the possibility to come to show their potential. In recent years we have worked hard on it, and will continue to do.

We want to be a benchmark in the world of Supermoto and Dirt Track and so we have to be in the best championships, both nationally and internationally.

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