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Braktec, star of X Trial Indoor Barcelona

The second round of the World Indoor Trial Championship X played at the Palau Sant Jordi met 10,000 people who wanted to enjoy the duel Toni Bou vs Adam Raga. The latter, with its new TRS, was the championship leader ahead of unbeatable Toni Bou. Therefore, the expectation was high and the show lived up to. A new course, spectacular areas, tastefully decorated to the smallest detail, great music and the Speaker of each year: Santi Gallardo, were more attractions than enough to live a magical night in the Queen City Trial. Braktec was honored to be part of the decoration of an entire curve, closely followed by the public of Palau, just below the famous Wall.


Furthermore, Braktec had the privilege of naming the Zone 6, one of the most amazing and difficult areas. Bernard Estripeau, currently seen as the best designer of areas in the discipline of trial indoor, shaped the Braktec area with a particular wooden cubes that complicated to the stars of Trial.



4 qualified for the final: Toni Bou, Adam Raga, Albert Cabestany and Jeroni Fajardo,  played hardly to reach the Zone 6. Fajardo scored his fifth consecutive failure and said goodbye to the podium in Barcelona. Cabestany chained the third 5 of the final and was waiting for Adam to know if he could  qualify for second place. But Adam Raga just wanted to win and needed to spend the Braktec area with the fewest possible errors.

Adam was about to lose everything to complicate the entrance, had to resort to a housing and a foot. However, since there he did not return to penalize it until he joined a point time.

Bou, meanwhile, had seen as they had crossed the danger area and knew where his rivals could not kill or feet and crankcase. In the previous rise to the output marked a crankcase with two rebounds and the next step will marked another housing that cost him a point, to which he added another for running a minute.

Speaking to Braktec, Adam Raga regretted that in the Braktec Zone “control judges unfairly penalized me and prevented me win the race.” Raga added, “I hate that in a Championship World judges committed such grave mistakes.



Six of the eight riders took part in the expected ‘Competition Braktec of stoppies’, which sought to crown the driver to stay longer with the rear wheel off the ground with the bike and always moving forward. All completed until Adam Raga is left reaching the end of travel. Best impossible. When seemed unbeatable, he reached Bou, motivated as ever, and tied to Raga. The contest was decided in a playoff to win narrowly Bou. After testing, Toni Bou told to Braktec that “Raga put me very difficult, but I managed to win the tie and I’m very happy about it.” The other star, Adam Raga, said the “really enjoyed the contest, although I would have liked to win.”

Toni Bou received Braktec Trophy from Juan Ceprian, Braktec technical director, and Carlos Juan, general director of the company J.Juan. Braktec technical director said “I was amazed how strongly the pilots competed in the contest, we note that they never want to lose,” and was satisfied saying “Competition was a success and the audience did not want to miss a detail”.

Toni Bou Braktec Zone

Carlos Juan, CEO of J.Juan group, noted that “the event was a success of participation which indicates the good health of this sport in our country.” He added that “J.Juan group has again demonstrated its clear commitment to the World Off Road by Braktec brand, world leader in the field of Trial”.



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