Butrón and Prado, winners of MX1 and MX2 in Cádiz

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Butrón and Prado, winners of MX1 and MX2 in Cádiz

The second round of the Bridgestone RFME Motocross Championship in Spain has been carried out on the circuit “El Barrero de Sanlucar de Barrameda”, Cádiz. Jose Antonio Butron in MX1 still rules despite having struggled. In addition to fight during all the race with Jorge  Zaragoza, Butron suffered a crash on lap four. However, Butron has staged an incredible comeback to the top spot. This is his fourth consecutive partial victory thirty seconds ahead of the runner.

In MX2, the young Jorge Prado has fought for victory in MX2 both the first and the second round, beating Roberts Justs. Iker Larrañaga was third, completing a podium consisting of KTM riders. And at the premiere of MX85, Jade Eddie Wade has been the general of the small category. Ramon Brucart finished the race 19th despite having suffered a significant decline.

Marc Pamias and Adrià Monné, MX1Onboard Racing Team drivers, have finished this last competition with the sixth and eighth respectively. Both pilots had never been run on the circuit, however they fulfill to be in the Top 10. While Albert Fontova, the rider signed by Jezyk this season that won the Enduro Spain Championship, got a good seventh.


Alex Santin
, young rider of Jezyk team, has finished in the 29th position. After a regular output between 250 got into the top 25 with a good pace that allowed him to reach the 17th place. In the second race did not go as well but again traced back to the 17th, however, a fall will delayed until the 19th. Finally, Santin was 29th after being penalized 10 positions in the second race. The Catalan was proud of the achievements, saying that “I am very happy to have learned from the 250, while I go gathering pace going into this heated”. While he is acknowledging that “I still have some physical problems in the final laps”.

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