Cairoli survives in Assen and approaches Gajser

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Cairoli survives in Assen and approaches Gajser

Antonio Cairoli was the biggest winner of the Assen Grand Prix this weekend. Despite not taking the win, the Italian rider not only left Holland with the aim of delaying any kind of celebration for Tim Gajser done, but still managed to reignite the fight for the title after getting 34 points closer to the Slovenian pilot. Two terrible days for Gajser meant a boost for the Italian, who was only surpassed by Clement Desalle, who could celebrate a triumph after two years without doing so.

We felt it could be a magical weekend because of the possible big win of Tim Gajser, who only needed to finish over Cairoli to be champion. In the end, the atmosphere in the beautiful Assen circuit and the weather turned it all: the storm added even more excitement to the Grand Prix, and Gajser could not adapt. In any race he could finish in the top ten, either after falling or having a poor performance of the bike. In the end, the Slovenian ended resigned. “I’m disappointed, but it’s motorsport and things like this can happen at anytime. I just need to learn from everything that happened today”, said Gajser, who sees trimmed his distance to 65 points.

The other side of the coin were Clement Desalle and Antonio Cairoli. The first of them managed to win again after two years without doing so, in the German Grand Prix. It was the best adapted to the madness that weekend became and could finish even over Cairoli, who signed a remarkable performance and confirmed him as an absolutely versatile pilot. Tony seems to be unique when it comes to success in any context, and this helped the Italian to approach Gajser in the general standings. “Anything is possible, there are still 100 points left in the championship, we know it’s difficult but we want to win so we will see what the others do, that’s all we can do”, said an excited Cairoli, which is now closer than ever this season to be world champion again.


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