Chareyre, crowned king of supermotard for fifth time

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Chareyre, crowned king of supermotard for fifth time

Thomas Chareyre is the undisputed king of supermotard. The French rider ended the season as he is used to do: winning the title of S1. The Frenchman has clearly been the most consistent rider and, despite two victories for Marc-Reiner Schmidt, who fought the championship until the final after winning the last Grand Prix, is the resounding owner of the discipline. On the other hand, David Giménez finished fifth and José Luis Hernández was finally sixth.

Chareyre faced the weekend in a calm mood: he just had to live a ‘normal’ weekend, he does not even needed to win, as it is usual for the French. To be into the top 3 was enough to be crowned champion, but that does not mean he relaxed. He took the pole and the first race of the weekend, although in the second test finally was second and the Grand Prix fell into the hands of Schmidt, who has won two of the last three tests. The young German was the resason for this exciting end of the championship as it was not decided until the last race. His rookie year has been sensational: second position for him and an evolution that has seen him win two races in the final stretch.

The third position was eventually for Kejmar Pavel, who came to the Italian test in fourth place, after the great result of Lukas Höllbacher in Austria. Pavel finished climbing the podium in Lombardia and it finally granted him the third step of the general standings. It was a very close fight, but with a favorable outcome to the great Czech driver.

As for Suzuki Grau Racing pilots, no surprises. David Giménez signed a decent fifth position and José Luis Hernández finished in sixth place. It has been a good season for them. They have been regular for much of the championship and ended up in the positions they have occupied virtually all year.

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