Chareyre, one step away from supermotard title

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Chareyre, one step away from supermotard title

The supermotard returned but the script changed very little. Thomas Chareyre recovered from the previous GP and took the win in Austria in the most convincing way: adding 50 points. The four-time world champion is now just a test away to retain the title for another season, despite the insistence of Marc-Reiner Schmidt to delay the celebration of the Frenchman. The German took the second place and remains with options until the last round of the championship.

Thomas Chareyre is the clear dominator of supermotard. Although Schmidt has emerged this season as a regular competitor, the French rider still remains one step ahead. The young German has surprised everyone with great results in S1, but still does not seem able to keep the pace of Chareyre. Nevertheless, he can still be champion. After the 44 points scored in Austria, it is 20 points behind in the overall standings. To obtain the title he would need that Chareyre had a bad day, a fact that has not yet taken place this season.

Meanwhile, Lukas Höllbacher finished third in the Grand Prix of his country and recovers the third position on the podium in the table. 20 points behind Schmidt, his real fight is against Kejmar Pavel, who has got 194 points in the overall, only 4 less than the Austrian. That is, the configuration of the first three positions of the world will be resolved in Italy next week, a fact which adds more excitement, if possible, to the championship. Höllbacher was the best Austrian, but it was actually a great weekend for the drivers born in the country that host the test, as six of the top ten finishers were natives of Austria: Lukas Höllbacher (3rd), Andreas Buschberg (6th), Manuel Stehrer (7th), Bernhard Hitzenberger (8th), Robert Gattinger (9th) and Kevin Maurer (10th).

As for Suzuki Grau Racing riders, David Giménez took another fifth position and held in the same place in the world. Almost certainly, Giménez will be fifth in the world championship. In fact, the only candidate who has a little chance to surpass him is Jose Luis Hernández, the other Suzuki Grau Racing rider, whit 124 points and 21 behind Giménez. Although there seems unlikely to happen. In addition, it was a good weekend for the team, as they remained leader in the European constructors championship.

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