Four contenders for the enduro world championship in a thrilling ending

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Four contenders for the enduro world championship in a thrilling ending

After a long vacation, the enduro returns to roar louder than ever. After the show lived in Italy, where Matt Phillips could not participate in the second round, Steve Holcombe won and overtook Eero Remes in general and Mathias Bellino remained in the final three candidates, there is only one test remaining and still there are options title for these four men.

The course had been marked by the Phillips-Remes fight, whom had rolled to a superior level than the rest, except some good days from Steve Holcombe, but the irregularity in the final leg of both drivers has led to one of the most exciting endings. Today, still with 40 points at stake in the Grand Prix of Cahors (France), Phillips leads with 198 points, Holcombe is second with 183, Remes third with 181 and Bellino fourth with 172. That means this will be a tight end, although with a favorable margin for Philips, who would be champion with just a decent race. But his recent irregularity invite us to believe that anything can happen.

Meanwhile, Holcombe was the great entertainer of the championship. The young driver has been winning races and getting podiums and that converted him into the third in contention until the last circuit, where he managed to advance Eero Remes in the overall standings. The Finn was not the same after the victory and second place in the Grand Prix of his country. After that test, in Sweden he lowered the level, in Spain was awful and in the last test of Italy he survived thanks to his good second day. Although undoubtedly the presence of Bellino is the most surprising. The French driver started the season well, leading the table in the two first GPs, but then declined his form sharply. His amazing level in Spain kept him in the final fight, though it does not seem feasible that he can end the weekend getting the title.

As for the Spanish riders, Cristóbal Guerrero will try to win a position in the table. Spanish is 12th with 56 points, and is in no man’s land. He is 19 points behind Basset, who seems by now unattainable, and 18 over his nearest rival, Nambotin, the man who Jaime Betriu will try to beat, that is fourteenth and only 8 units behind. He also will have a complicated task, but the magic of enduro will be who dictaminates the final results.

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