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Gajser looks for a rival in Belgium

There is no holiday in motocross. At least for now. The World Championship travels this weekend to Belgium to contest his fourteenth test with everything yet to be decided, but seems to have a colour: Tim Gajser’s red. The young driver, rookie this year in the premier class, is the clear leader of the standing, and he looks unapproachable. In Belgium, he will try to take another step toward taking the championship as his competitors have shown irregularity during the season.

Tim Gajser seems unstoppable. In late June the World Championship seemed to be among the Slovenian pilot and champion Romain Febvre, but an injury caused the French rider lost several races and stay away from the fight. Now, 128 points behind Gajser and fourth in the overall standings, seeking a comeback that looks impossible. Nevertheless, it seems the only runner solvent and regularly enough to dispute the title to the novel Gajser, but today the Slovenian is closer than ever to his first crown.

The great Antonio Cairoli is second in the World Championship, but does not seem to be an alternative entirely reliable, because he has mixed either podium or seventh and eighth positions, so that keeps him away from the battle despite his good position in the overall standings. The third-placed, Max Nagl, got his first win of the season last weekend and will have to prove whether he is able to keep up with Gajser and Febvre in this final stretch. Belgium may be a turning point: very important, but not decisive.

As for Jezyk Racing Team pilots, they will try again to improve their latest results, as always, and get a good feeling in this penultimate race prior to the August break: Eric Leijtens will try to climb positions in the European EMX250, while Álex Santín will try it in the category of EMX125.

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