Gajser remains unstoppable in Italy

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Gajser remains unstoppable in Italy

Tim Gajser is still unattainable. The Slovenian pilot is the total dominator of the World Championship. Even more with the absence of Romain Febvre, who could not run. Gajser had the opportunity to further expand his advantage over the Frenchman, who is no longer second in the overall standings, and of course did not waste it. He won both races and his advantage is more pointed than ever.

Antonio Cairoli had a great opportunity to reduce the World Championship as the Italian ran at home and practically was sure he would advance to Febvre in the overall, but could have improved the day even more winning. But it was far to happen. The KTM rider was sixth in the first race and finished third in the second. In the overall of the weekend finished fourth, which is not a bad result because he is already second in the World Championship, but the distance with Gajser is 15 points higher.

Regarding the Jezyk Racing Team riders, Eric Leitjens was 21st and 17th in the category of EMX250, while Álex Santín finished in the 29th position in the category of 125 in the second race of Mantova so he improved his latest results.

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