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Great Britain: the end and the start

The Trial World Championship lands in England this weekend, one of the places that loves most this sport. In what will be the penultimate round of the World Championship, yet to be decided who will be the champion in the premier class and in Trial2. At the same time, as everything can end for the boys, the women’s tournament kicks off with force. All eyes will be on champion Emma Bristow.

Toni Bou wants his particular ‘Brexit’. The Spaniard will try to the title in England this weekend and end the world championship still with a final test to be held. Adam Raga is his main rival; and the difference -of 23 points-, a good margin for the Honda Montesa rider. Moreover, Takahisa Fujinami and Jaime Busto will keep their fight for third place. Japanese is now the one who completes the podium with 18 points ahead of Basque.

In Trial2, Jack Price will try to win again and so to be crowned world champion in his homeland. British Gas Gas rider has clearly dominated the category throughout the year, so it is so obvious that he is the favorite to be the king in his own house. Iwan Roberts already seems a distant rival, that can only aim to postpone Price’s celebration. Nevertheless, it does not seem likely.

Meanwhile, in Trial125, Jack Peace will enjoy the comfort of being home run as champion. The British did his duty in Belgium and the championship was secured, so the weekend in the UK will be peaceful for him.

Moreover, Britain will also attend the start of the Women’s World Championship. In the first test everyone will be watching the current champion Emma Bristow, who also runs at home and is the big favorite to win the title again. Although Bristow arrive in good shape, Sandra Gomez is a hard nut to crack. The Gas Gas rider will be her main rival throughout the tournament, which are not very good news for the Sherco pilot. That is why England is the alpha and omega. The beginning and the end.

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