Holcombe wins and assures a thrilling closure

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Holcombe wins and assures a thrilling closure

The enduro world championship never disappoints. A few weeks ago the championship seemed a two-horses race, but now even four pilots can be champions in France. EnduroGP said goodbye until September in an exciting way, with Matt Phillips out because of mechanical issues on Sunday and a new masterclass race from Holcombe. In addition, two Spaniards sneaked into the top ten.

Italy looked like it could end up deciding things. The transalpine country had the opportunity to crown a new champion, but decided that this championship deserves a thrilling final. After a season in which Remes and Phillips have constantly battled to a high level, it seems that somebody can spoil all previous work. A new surprise Holcombe in Italy, the threat of that two beasts, put in check the championship for both the Australian and the Finnish.

Meanwhile, in lagging positions, Cristobal Guerrero and Jaume Betriu got sneak into the top-10. The first did on Saturday, and the second on Sunday. Undoubtedly, two very positive results for drivers with that aspiration and constantly demonstrate their desire to overcome.

France will decide the champion of enduro on September 10th and 11th in Cahors, France.

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