Italy wants a king for the enduro

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Italy wants a king for the enduro

The enduro World Championship returns this weekend to say ‘good bye’. Yes, it is the last round of the World Championship. Matthew Phillips and Eero Remes know they will not be allowed to fail over or lose the title for which have been fighting almost from the first day of the tournament. The advantage is clearly for the Australian, who leads with 28 points ahead over Remes, but the Finnish comes with options and will try to play his cards.

After two races without dominating, the binomial Phillips-Remes seems set to again serve a spectacular final chapter in Italy whose conclusion is final. It means to become champion, and both have been dying for it since day one. This transalpine test will recognise just a great season, and its prize will be for the more regular and the best of the couple throughout the tournament.

As for the Spanish pilots, despite not having any options title, they will attend the curtain call trying to get the best result. Cristóbal Guerrero is posited as the best driver from our country positioned in the standings.

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