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Jaime Busto, a new hope

For several seasons, a comment has been repeated among the fans of trial: “Jaime Busto is the future of the Spanish trial.” Together with Jorge Casales, he has become one of the greatest off-road pearls in our country. Like the title of that movie of ‘Star Wars’, Busto has become a new hope in a world plagued by realities. The Basque is just another example of how well the trial has been working in our country for many years. You do not always have to judge with numbers in hand. In fact, talent is something intangible and much more exciting to discover than any possitive stat.

But the truth is that Jaime Busto is also amazing in the numbers section. His impressive record considering his age -he has won all possible competitions in children’s categories- presage a golden future for him. In 2014, he confirmed those suspicions and won the Junior World Championship. His talent is something that Honda Montesa was able to detect in 2015, when they secured his signing and put him in charge with two trial bests as Toni Bou and Takahisa Fujinami. It was a lovely print: bright past, bright present and bright future. Three riders who have a high share of respect for what they have done in their past, they continue to win in the present and they look forward to keep winning in the future.

And yes, Busto is starting to be amazing even against elders. He is barely 20 years old and is already casting on podiums and represents Spain in major tournaments. In this 2016, it is necessary to emphasize his sixth position in the outdoor World Championship, only behind Bou, Raga, Fujigas, Cabestany and Fajardo. That is, five names of great relevance and weight in the world. But the thing is not there: in the spring, after the injury of Toni Bou, Spain chose Busto to accompany Adam Raga and Albert Cabestany to the X-Trial des Nations. The result? World champions. You see. His presence and level frighten and already inflict respect on other pilots. Even so, what may have just given him more prestige is his recent result in the Spanish Trial Championship, where he finished in a meritorious third place… only behind Bou and Raga.

His growth is unstoppable; his worth, unquestionable. Stand aside, a new hope comes on strong: Jaime Busto.

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