Jeroni Fajardo: “I had to go to some races without being 100% ready”

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Jeroni Fajardo: “I had to go to some races without being 100% ready”

It has not been an easy season for Jeroni Fajardo (Caldes de Malavella, 1985). After joining Vértigo last year, the pilot faced a new era with new challenges and an excitement season ahead. As in the case of Adam Raga, to adapt to a new bike takes a process, but for Fajardo, one of the pilots with more quality, there is no time to lose. Later, an injury made things even more complicated. Despite these pitfalls, the Catalan rider never lost faith and work, and although the final results have not been particularly successful, Fajardo can not say he has not fought to the end.

Q: What are your thoughts on the season?

A: It has certainly been a difficult season. Changing team and bike is always a challenge, the first races are the most complicated. Little by little we adapted and we all had good races; but then came the injury. First we gave no importance, I thought I had only been a fall; but it was not like that. Cervical injury was difficult to cure and I had to go to several races with some discomfort that prevented me to compete at 100%. I even had to miss one race of Spanish Championship and I missed the Trial of Nations just because of losing third place in the World Championship.

Q: Would you have liked to be in more advanced positions?

A: Of course! Being the world’s third is a good result, but being second is something I have not experienced yet and I would love it.

Q: From inside, how do you rate the twenty championships of Toni Bou championships?

A: Toni is one of a kind, has an innate talent that had never before seen in the trial. We can only congratulate his titles, he earns them.

Q: What did you think of the material that has provided Braktec this season?

A: I liked, there has been a great evolution in the pumps. This gives us a much better feel and reliability.

Q: How is it going your Vértigo experience?

A: The experience is certainly very good, although we have a long way to go and improve. We have three races Championship of Spain left before to start the new season with big goals. Luckily the Vertigo team is working really hard and are eager for everything to go well.

Q: In your 31 years, how are you physically and mentally?
A: Well, I find great. I train almost every day on a motorcycle, several days a week doing physical training and mentally I feel calm. Over the years and experience, you know much better manage all emotions, dislikes… And of course, to challenge yourself.

Q: What are the goals of Jeroni Fajardo in short and long term?

A: In short, to be among the top three, racing and fighting to win some races. In the longer term, to keep myself in good positions and still very much alive in the world championships and Spanish.

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