Marc Riba: “I have never considered myself as one of the greatest talents of the trial”

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Marc Riba: “I have never considered myself as one of the greatest talents of the trial”

Marc Riba is the personification of a humble champion. We realize right away, as we see his last week’s post on Instagram announcing that he had been champion championship Spain TR2: “At home, after a toughie weekend in Valdemanco we come home with a third place, but also with the TR2 Spanish Championship, with a race left I’m already mathematically champion”. The Spaniard knows that humility is the basis of everything and doesn’t lose his class at any time: either as interviews or with the bike, Riba never stops to be humble. It does not seem to go wrong.

First of all, congratulations on winning the TR2 Spanish Championship. What does it mean to you?
A great happiness! Getting a title is always a joy, not only individually but also for all those who have trusted you throughout the year.
How do you sum up your season?
It’s been a strange season. It started badly, after a while without moto I got the Gas Gas machine a week before the first race and, despite a bad start, with a fourth in La Núcia and a third place in Mallorca, we felt comfortable with the bike and got four wins in a row. In the last test in Valdemanco, we didn’t lose the habit of having some mistakes, we went third, 8 points behind the first, but adding enough to be mathematically champion.
How has behaved the bike?
As we all know, this is certainly a very great bike. And if you count on the full support from the factory, that keeps you up to date with the news, is a privilege.
How do you rate your stay in Gas Gas?
I can only be grateful. They made the effort to give me a bike when there still was any, and then I have kept the two bikes a day … In the World Championship, I went with the federation, but whenever I needed something I knew I could count on them and with the help of mechanical. I felt extremely comfortable at all times.
What do you think of Braktec product?
To begin with, I have no complaint, and it really is a quality product and gives a lot of confidence. If it wasn’t safe or effective surely we would have had some trouble [laughs].
How it takes to be one of the Spanish greatest talents of trial?
To be honest, I have never considered myself as you describe. It’s been a long time since I’m on a motorcycle and I may be good at this, but I see that I still have to work much to be the best.
Where is the roof of Marc Riba?
We hope that as high as possible.
What driver would you say you look like?
It is very difficult to compare yourself with drivers such as Toni, Adam, Cabestany… but I really think that perhaps I may be similar to Cabes. Each driver has his own style and way to deal with obstacles.
What are the goals for Marc Riba in short, medium and long term?
In the short term, I think I would like to try to run in TR1 in Almeria.
In the medium term, perhaps being on the podium of the World Junior (TR2) and why not, being at the top. I also have in mind to gain confidence in the highest category of Spain.
In the long run, being among the top 5 drivers in the world.
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