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Matt Phillips is the king of the enduro

Matt Phillips is, again, the big winner in the enduro. The Australian pilot had a perfect weekend in France and proclaimed double world champion in both EnduroGP, where he took fourth and fifth place respectively to win the title, as in E2. Despite the maximum equality of the championship, the script did not change and Phillips used his advantage to beat the others contenders. Matthias Bellino, meanwhile, finished second in the world championship after having an outstanding weekend in Cahors, while Steve Holcombe took the third position. On the other hand, Remes irregularity has ended leaving the Finn in fourth place. A big blow for the young driver.

The weekend was perfect for Phillips. After having a fight with Remes along the season, he reached the end of course with the lead at risk with three title contenders. Finally, the cold blood from the Australian rider prevailed over the rest and took his fourth world championship. He was the star of the weekend alongside Laia Sanz, who took another women’s enduro world championship. Bellino, who was fourth in the overall standings before the last GP, finally finished second after a great excellent race at home, culminating with a great result his good final stretch of the season. Meanwhile, Steve Holcombe was not quick enough to fight for the title, but finished the weekend with a third place  more than worthy that confirms him as a driver with a unique talent today on the enduro. On the other hand, Eero Remes was the big loser of Cahors. He was always a very strong candidate for the title but did not keep the regularity required.

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