Moto Verde extols the Braktec brakes and hydraulic clutch

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Moto Verde extols the Braktec brakes and hydraulic clutch

Moto Verde, the leading Spanish magazine for the offroad market, has given a superlative value to the Braktec brakes and the hydraulic clutch. In the July(2015) publication, the magazine devoted five pages to the test of the two motorcycles taking part to theSpanish MX1 (YZF450) and to the European 300 (YZ250), forming the Braktec team captainedby Ràmon Brucart and the test has meant high precision brake.

“We liked a lot the front brake of the 4T, thanks tothe great balance between power, accuracy touch and precise dosing”,wrote Marcos Abelenda, editor in chief of Moto Veede, who stated more “On the 450, the front brake offers a great compromise between power, precision and progressive feel. We also loved the rear brakefor its efficiencyand ease of dosage”.

When pointing the highlight of the bike, set as very positive the brakes, that joined with the suspensions (BUD Racing) qualifies it as “excellent”.

The new hydraulic Braktec clutch, deserve a separate section. Marcos Abelenda is amazed: “The clutch of the 450 stand out by its fantastic softness. Standing stopped, it still transmits a fluffy touch, that in motion dissappear, when we confirm that its accuracy and resistance are improved compared to last year”.

The two motorcycles tested are YZF450 BRAKTEC and YZ250 BRAKTEC, fully equipped with BRAKTEC brakes: calipers, hydraulic brake hoses, rear and front master cylinders, front brake lever, clutch lever and obviously the Braktec hydaulic clutch.

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