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Nagl set to keep the pace

If there has been someone who has approached Tim Gajser in the overall standings in the last grand prixs, that has been Max Nagl. The German driver has chained a win and a second place in the two recent weeks and faces the third consecutive eager to continue approaching the leader in the overall standings. Today, Nagl looks the fittest and regularest, which can be a plus point ahead of the last GPs in the World Championship. Although the gap is still large (117 points), he seems the only alternative to Gajser.

Tim Gajser is making history. In his rookie season in the premier class, and being only 19, he is dominating the championship with an iron hand and is extremely close to his first title. The Slovenian has not slowed down all over the world championsnhip, and seems the only option entirely reliable. His former rival, Febvre, missed some races and after returning he definitively dropped from the battle. Cairoli, despite his high status, has not been regularly throughout the championship, which reduces practically everything to a single candidate: Max Nagl. The last performances from the German have earned him the respect of Gajser on the track, which could not overtake him and has lost some of his enormous distance on aggregate.

The main attraction in Switzerland, the pretest to the 2-weeks-holiday, will be checking if Nagl continues ahead of Gajser and whether still can approach him even more. Nevertheless, the gap is huge, and need a catastrophic weekend from the to Slovenian to become a real candidate. Nevertheless, his increasing regularity can be his greatest argument.

Meanwhile, Eric Leitjens will try to improve his last good result, the fourteenth place in the European EMX250, while Álex Santín also seek to race at a good pace and providing his point of showmanship in the category of EMX125.

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