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One day in Adam Raga’s training

Adam Raga rises at 8am in his fantastic house in the village of Centelles, Catalonia. We arrived home an hour later and Adam is almost ready. He receive us with sporty clothes, cap and a coffee in hand. And a friendly smile, as always. Sergi is waiting, his inseparable Backpacking finalizing the tools and training that will lead to the two bikes up the minivan. Today they prepare for the first round of the World Outdoor Catalonia, which begins within the next two weeks. To do this, the place chosen between Adam and Sergi is the incredible mountain Taradell, fifteen minutes from home.


During the trip, Adam talks about the findings of the Indoor Trial X, which is just proclaimed runner-up. “I’m happy because despite the change of bike in the first test I won in Sheffield, and that’s something nobody has never done,” he assures. However, he acknowledges that “Toni Bou always makes things very difficult, is very competitive and never get tired of fighting.” We also note that “I train every day, and now that I prepare thoroughly for Outdoor, which is physically very demanding.” Hence the global crack is trained in the gym and going by bicycle, he says.


Once at the training ground, Adam gets yellow TRS suit and gets on the bike. Sergi is up to the other and both climb a few meters to reach the ideal area to train full of obstacles. “I love to enjoy the views of these mountains, and train well for about three hours early,” said Raga. When asked how they decide why exact area will make the journey, both transmit us that “it is essential the communication between both, although it is me (Adam) who displays the area and explains to Sergi where I’m going to happen.” And Sergi is responsible for cleaning the area, “if not it would be much more difficult,” he concludes. As the training begins, we see that are in constant communication. Sergi not only motivates but corrects when needed, so they exchange views.


The official backpacker Adam Raga, explains that “I love my job, which allows me to go up happy every day to train.” And as Raga, we moved that “it is a very demanding person, and probably this is why it has become world champion.” Despite some scuffle that leads them to discuss what happened in a particular area, we found that the relationship between them is superb. So much so, that joke many times.


After an hour, Raga takes a pause and confesses that “when I come from Indoor, which is highly explosive, I can not pick up the pace to reach physical excellence that requires the Outdoor” and therefore assures us that “I have to train a lot these days and I’m happy with the expectations that I have for the World Outdoor. ” In fact, Raga has clear that, as always, “I have options again become World Champion (and it has been 4 times Indoor and two Outdoor), but I know it will be hard to beat my big rivals.”


When training is ending, suddenly we have a surprise: there are two young stars of Trial: Catalan Arnau Farré and German Franz Kadlec. Raga asks Farré about his finger injury and the Gas Gas pilot replied that “I’m getting better but still hurts, so I can not train today.” Still, Farré assures us that “it is very likely that may be in Can Rosal in ten days, although I have put points on the finger. While Kadlec, we applauded his season as” I’m getting better year after year and I hope to continue.


Farré and Kadlec start to watch Adam Raga training  and begin to enjoy the show. One of his team one of his hands: “It’s unbelievable.” And the tireless TRS driver holds up one o’clock, at which time he jokes: “I’m bummed because I’m old,” and terminates the session today. But the reality is that few endure training 3 hours straight at that high level and offering the spectacle. Tomorrow again, as he has done every day of his life, to stay in the elite of his passion.

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