The profile of the 4 possible MXGP champions

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The profile of the 4 possible MXGP champions

This weekend, the engines of the off-road roar again. After more than a couple of weeks of vacation, motocross will be the discipline that will take the first rolling. Still several races left, but there are four candidates to win the world championship. The truth is that this has not been a very ordinary world championship, as it has turned from a face-off between Gajser and Febvre to a monologue by the Estonian rider, although in the fight for second place there is much equality after injury or the French pilot.

Tim Gajser, Antonio Cairoli, Max Nagl and Romain Febvre are the names of candidates for the title. In Braktec we wanted to make a profile of the four possible world champions.

Tim Gajser

The 19-year-old Estonian rider has been the sensation of this season. After winning his first MX2 championship last year, he decided to take the final step towards the elite, and the truth is that his first year in the premier class could not have been better: today is the leader with 607 points, 89 over his nearest rival, Tony Cairoli. It is the paradigm of what we call “a good start”.

Tony Cairoli

Every team we speak of Antonio Cairoli, we have to stand up. The Italian rider is a legend of the sport and one of the best riders of all time, with a record of six world championships in the premier class and two in MX2. However, last season was left without award after the great year of Romain Febvre, and this season, despite being second, has not shown the regularity needed to be closer to Gajser in the overall standings. However, it is the first alternative Gajser of total three.

Max Nagl

The German is still one of the animators of the final stretch of the season in this world championship. Despite not having any major title, the truth is that he had already played this role already in previous years, such as 2009, when he finished 2nd in the overall standings behind Tony Cairoli. He is one of the ‘victims’ of Cairoli domain for many years and is looking for redemption this season as outsider. Surely the last few tests he has raced, make us to think that everything is still possible for the German.

Romain Febvre

The number one candidate to be the champion this season is further than ever to get it. He started very well the course, winning races and staying close to Tim Gajser in general standings, but his fatal injury in England kept him away several tests and now has lost the competitive pace. Febvre was looking for his second world championship in a row in the category which dominated with last season, his debut in MXGP, when took his first world title in the superelite.

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