Ramon Brucart: “Braktec and KTM have helped me so much with my injuries”

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Ramon Brucart: “Braktec and KTM have helped me so much with my injuries”

Ramon Brucart (Manresa, 18/05/1982) is a constant fighter. After several injuries and fractures in recent months, he reappeared in Olvan, in a test of the Championship of Catalonia. There is where we meet. From that moment, his rise and his improvement was remarkable: he managed to be fifth and thirteenth in Slovenia and Croatia. His ambition is accompanied by a pleasant and friendly character, and a great wisdom. His experience is evident in every explanation that gives us either to talk about how to drive a curve or to describe the usual attire of a motocross rider. Now, on vacation, spends days educating young riders. What is clear is that spend a morning with Ramon Brucart is a great investment.

Q: Now that you arre on vacation, what does a pilot do during this break?

R: Basically resting (laughs). There is not much preparation to do … The truth is these are short holidays, so we use them to train because the season is not over. Yes, you stop a few days to relax and recharge, but with not too much rest.

Personally, do you do something special?

Yes, I am traveling with my wife, as she is also on vacation and there are no races. We will spend a few days away.

Which are your sensations about the championship?

Good. The last few races have gone very well. The switch to the new brand, KTM, has been complicated, but the last few races have been fantastic; fifth in the last one was fantastic. Now I go training, and look good rhythm … I have been through many injuries from December to now, I have been pretty bad, and now the truth is that mountain climbing is going well.

That is one of the questions we wanted to ask you. It seems that the results indicate that the sensations and your recovering has been positive, but how hard is to return to the highest level after an injury?

It is complicated, because if you have an injury you recover and then move on. The problem is from December to now I have had eight or nine fractures in the body, three different injuries … It has been very intermittent so far: injury, stop, restart, falling back… Braktec and KTM have helped me so much with this; KTM changed some things in my motorcycle and now I am much more confident. Now I feel good physically and better.

Therefore, facing to September, can we expect your best or is still early?

Perhaps not yet. To go fast with a new bike you have to give 120%, and this percentage is really difficult to get. Until you have everything ready, enough confidence in the bike… But hey, we are coming up there, I am doing very well, evidenced by the last two races. Fifth in the European Championship is not an easy task.

So what is your aim for the rest of championship?

I will try to be in the positions of last year, among the top ten. The purpose may be that, fighting with same rivals of last year and at least get to the level that was with Yamaha, so that in 2017, when I start, make a clean and good season.

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