Red Bull Hard Enduro, toughest competition in the world?

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Red Bull Hard Enduro, toughest competition in the world?

Today it is difficult to choose which of the enduro tests is the most difficult in the world. We talk of a form whose purpose is to resist, so we can imagine that each test challenges participants and forces them to endure to the end. Obviously the skill and speed also play a crucial role, but the endurance premium over other things. Therefore, it is difficult to stand out an extremely difficult level from so much difficulty. That was the goal of the Red Bull Hard Enduro. And it seems to have done it.

The Red Bull Hard Enduro Series is not a current competition. Just because of its name we can guess that if it is organized and sponsored by Red Bull, will be an extravagant event. That is how the famous brand works in the world of sport. The tournament features six tests: Minas Riders (Brazil), Hare Scramble (Austria), Romaniacs (Romania), Megawatt (Poland), Sea to the Sky (Turkey) and Roof of Africa (Lesotho). A priori, one of the toughest of all these is the Romaniacs, test performed in Romania since 2004 that forces to the limit all pilots. It is one of the most prestigious in the world.

The competition tries to avoid the tarmac and surfs forests, rocks and all kinds of off-road surfaces, although there is a good signaled routes. The length of a day usually vary between 100km and 220km. Gas stations appear every 70km. Of course, the competition severely limits the presence of spectators, although there are special points where people can enjoy the test.

The competition has a strong British dominance. Last year Jonny Walker won five out of the six tests (also in the Romaniacs) and took the championship. This year seems to be Graham Jarvis one of the top drivers, but it is nothing new to him as he is the driver with the most victories in the Romaniacs (5) in the history of the tournament. The Briton has won two out of the first three tests, and only Alfredo Gómez could prevent all made after his victory in Belo Horizonte. Now, in the half of the championship, everything is still to play for, but what we have increasingly clear is that the Hard Enduro is one of the most tiring competitions in the world.

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