Schmidt triumphs for first time

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Schmidt triumphs for first time

Great weekend in the supermotard. Marc-Reiner Schmidt sealed his first victory in S1GP and is only 14 points behind Thomas Chareyre. The German driver, who finished second in the first race, took the win for the first time in the second test, that lets him trim points with the French champions.

The World Championship seemed a cakewalk for Chareyre. Only Schmidt had held his pace all season, and even so the young driver had not had a chance to win a race. He arrived in Poland and he he had a huge performance confirming that his season has been splendid and there is a large pilot project on him. In third place finished Lukas Höllbacher also fighting throughout the weekend.

Meanwhile, Suzuki Racing Grau pilots obtained good results. David Giménez was fifth, behind Pavel Kejmar, and kept ‘his’ position. In addition, José Luis Hernández was seventh overall and Marius Lita finished in the top ten, ninth.

The supermotard goes on vacation until September 10th and 11th, when pilots will travel to Austria to face the final of an exciting championship.

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