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Steve Holcombe is Sweden king

When everybody expected another hand to hand between Matt Phillips and Eero Remes, Steve Holcombe broke into the scene again. The young pilot showed why he is the revelation of the Enduro World Championship taking a double victory in Sweden… and a virtually unattainable pace. Thus, the two big favorites did not opt ​​to victory and the battle was for second place.

In both tests Phillips was again faster than Remes and finished ahead, which gives him even more advantage in the overall World Championship. The distance between them is 8 points with three races still to be played: Euskadi, Italy and France. The situation in the table could not be more exciting, and it seems that anything will be resolved until the last day.

As for the Spaniards, Cristóbal Guerrero was again the best. Saturday finished 10th; and Sunday, 8th. In addition, on the second day he got a deserved podium in Enduro 2. Furthermore, Jonathan Barragan was 5th in both days in the category E3. The bad news was undoubtedly the absence of Josep Garcia in Junior, that did not run because of an injury.

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