The Supermotard technique that has revolutionized moto GP

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The Supermotard technique that has revolutionized moto GP

Increasingly MotoGP riders take the leg before entering the curve. The first to do it was Valentino Rossi. Then, Dani Pedrosa and Stoner a little later. Currently, more than half of the grid in the premier class practice it. Above all, it held in the longest and most demanding braking, in moving from sixth to second in a few meters.

It has been said that it is simply a way to disconcert the opponent from behind or that it was a mechanism to achieve a better balance. But clearly the most recommended speciality today as a technical speed training is SuperMotard, and in that specialty, remove the knee or leg in the curves is a common practice.

Although the reason, besides the influences of SuperMotard in Moto GP, is a matter of geometry. Because it is easier curve during the preceding meters to approach it, move the center of gravity of moto-pilot inward, to steer the bike towards the entrance. Further. pressure on the front axle is loaded by removing the foot forward.

Undoubtedly, it is a technique that, experts say, they eventually make all the drivers on the grid and shows the great influence of SuperMotard in the sport of two wheels.

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