The 2015 Gas Gas TXT range with Braktec brake system

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The 2015 Gas Gas TXT range with Braktec brake system

Girona.  July 1st 2014

breaktec brake systems gas gas

Gas Gas presents its new range of Trial motorcycles, the TXT Racing, considered by most users as the best trial bike in the market nowadays. The objective of Gas Gas has been to suit all the entire range 125/250/280/300 with high quality and good performance product , down to the last detail to go beyond perfection.

Gas Gas has not hesitated to fit their motorcycles with Braktec products for the brake and clutch system. Thanks to the partnership between Gas Gas and Braktec and the development performed by Adam Raga, Gas Gas official rider within the World Trial Championship, the brake system has a performance hard to be matched by the competitors.

The Trial motorcycles require a very special brake master cylinder and clutch actuation, since they have to combine feeling, power and accuracy altogether in a lightweight package. The new brake and clutch master cylinder stands out for its ergonomics, avoiding interferences as well as a reduction in weight by a 20% over the previous model.
The front caliper has also been re-designed and now has a monoblock construction, together with the new wave brake rotor; it offers more power with the same hand force.
The rear wheel uses an ingenious system, where the caliper and the brake pads remain in their site when removing the wheel; Gas Gas names this system as “Autostand”.

With all this list of performance you can expect that the TXT range and its Braktec brake and clutch system keep as a reference in the market.


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