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The secret of Toni Bou to compete at 100%

Best Pilot Trial of history has many virtues that have led him to be. Perseverance, courage, security, coolness, talent and effort, among many others. However, the Catalan recognizes that a major key to peak performance is in the place of their training.

Bou lived for some years in Andorra and trains in the mountains of the Pyrenees, which provide a variety of terrain and climate in walking distance. Just as wonderful conditions for training bike, which is a feature that distinguishes it as a pilot. “It’s amazing to train mountain allows me to find dry and wet in close and enjoy a wonderful climate,” says the star.

To make matters worse, Bou had to endure being accused of benefiting from the Andorran tax system. Key transfer however, resided in the pilot, to remain the best for many years, you need the best conditions to train. And above all, there is no law against Trial practice in natural settings, the famous Forest Act that regulates itself in Spain in Andorra. This was synthesized transfer Bou: “the best thing about Andorra is that I can practice my sport, my passion, without hiding”.

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