Thomas Chareyre, on his way to the fifth title

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Thomas Chareyre, on his way to the fifth title

Thomas Chareyre is set for glory. The four-time world champion will look to defend his crown in Italy this weekend. There he will celebrate that he is still the best supermotard rider in the world. Nevertheless, Marc-Reiner Schmidt will arrived to the GP of Lombardia with the aim of fight until the end. And, in a way, the latter depends exclusively on him. It’s the only weapon left for him if he pretends to ‘steal’ the title to Chareyre.

The advantage between Thomas Chareyre and Marc-Reiner Schmidt is of 20 points. With 50 remaining to be played, this implies that the French pilot will have to live a fateful weekend – something still unprecedented in this world championship. Chareyre could be champion already in the first race: he needs to take the win in Race 1 and wait to see if Schmidt does not get the top 3. That will make him champion automatically. Such a thing would cause us to avoid an exciting second race, where everything would be decided.

Another struggle is in third place. With Schmidt 20 points over, Lukas Hollbacher still holds options to finish in second place, although his real struggle is to keep the place of bronze, which owns with 198 points, only 4 more than Kejmar Pavel, who was third until the last Austrian test. This will be one of the battles whose outcome probably will not be settled until the last lap, which adds even more excitement to the weekend.

As for Spanish pilots Suzuki Grau Racing, David Giménez has virtually take the fifth position -the Spanish rider accumulates 154 points, 39 less than Pavel- and will try to fight for the podium in the last round of the championship, while José Luis Hernandez, still with a mathematical chance of being fifth -is 31 points behind Giménez- it’s in no man’s land and his position is not in danger, which means that Hernández will have a quiet GP.


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