Toni Bou gets his twentieth world championship and enlarges his legend

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Toni Bou gets his twentieth world championship and enlarges his legend

This has been a weekend full of champions in the off-road. But if anyone deserves a special mention, this is Toni Bou. Honda Montesa rider showed again why he is the greatest by taking the double win in Italy and sealing his twentieth world championship (tenth in outdoor). Although the seventh position on the first day would have been enough, he did not give any chance to Adam Raga, who fought to the end and ended up signing a creditable second place. TRS rider has enjoyed an excellent season, after he signed for a new team, but has kept up the great level during all over the season. Finally, Takahisa Fujinami was the one who took the bronze. Despite the injury he suffered in late July, the Japanese recovered in time to compete in Italy. He was far from the podium in Italy, but the result was good enough to finish third in the overall standings after a special season for the Honda Montesa rider.

Toni Bou is the king of the trial. That is one of the certainties that exist in the world of sport, and it is thanks to the performances by the Piera pilot during each season. This season he faced injured and falls, but he managed to pull himself to the world throne again with relative solvency. We talk about one of the best athletes in history, who has the admiration and sympathy from the rest of pilots and trial fans. Also with great respect we treat the figure of Adam Raga, which is the only one who can argue with Bou. While it is true that the already twenty times champion usually takes victories, Raga is the only one that can keep rocking. Proof of this is that the Ulldecona rider secured the second position soon and was the only other driver who landed in Italy with options to be world champion. Meanwhile, Takahisa Fujinami also deserves recognition. The Honda Montesa veteran could even get a win this season in France, and despite suffering a wrist injury at the end of July, he recovered to secure his drawer on the podium at the test this weekend. We talk about three legends of trial, three names that will hardly forget the fans of this sport.

Italy showed a spectacular setting. The lure of seeing Bou champion was joined by the impressive command of Emma Bristow, who ruled the women’s trial world championship with a resounding superiority. Bristow has won all four rounds played so far, two in England and two in Italy. She is the queen of women’s trial: accumulates three crowns, and does not seem a beatable pilot for now. Although one of her competitors, Sandra Gómez, again had a good day and a bad one: he finished second in the first round and sixth on the second day. But the good news for Sandra is that this weekend she managed to climb to second place in the overall standings, and will have the opportunity to secure the silver position the next week in France, where they will only ride on Saturday.

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