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What would we like for 2017?

Every day is one less to leave behind 2016 and to welcome one more year. The last has not been much less bad, since we have had different champions, exciting championships until the end and, as usual, a lot of level. That is, in our letter to Santa Claus we will write that the off-road this year has behaved very well. At this point, we can only make our letter for the next year. This is what we ask for a year that is about to finish in less than a month.

1. Make the trial again as exciting as this year. We have again enjoyed the level of Toni Bou and Adam Raga. In fact, perhaps this has been the season that have been more even in recent times. For 2017 we ask at least to repeat this level of equality to ensure the excitement. Let the best man win, of course. We also ask that the Spanish pearls we have in Jorge Casales, Jaime Busto, Marc Riba or Arnau Farré step up and improve the level of competition. At the same time, we ask that the traditional ones like Takahisa Fujinami, Albert Cabestany, Jeroni Fajardo or James Dabill keep their good work up and continue delighting us as always. They have accompanied us in each race these years and we ask that it remain like that.

We also want the women’s trial to continue to bring talent and guarantee competitiveness. We know that Emma Bristow is very good, but Sandra Gómez is not far behind, so the level is assured not only for 2017, but for many more years.

2. That motocross continues to allow prowess like this year. Tim Gajser is a real talent, and he has proven it … in his rookie season! The Slovenian has taken the world championship of his discipline with 19 years after winning the MX2 last season. He has made history as nobody had not been possible for a long time, and we can only thank his piloting and motocross that things like these happen. At the same time, we ask that Álex Santin, Albert Fontan, Jonay Rodriguez, Eric Leitjens and Ramon Brucart, hopefully this year, enjoy a season full of success. There is talent, no doubt.

3. In enduro we want another year like this. It has been wonderful; it’s true that Matt Phillips has repeated crown, but he got in a last race in which four pilots had options to take the title. Eero Remes, a promising driver, made things very complicated, and Mattias Bellino had a spectacular end of season to take the silver position. We should not forget Steve Holcombe, another young driver that has given some fight and has been confirmed as an alternative in the coming years. Undoubtedly, we enjoyed it like never before, so we ask for something similar for 2017.

4. A bit more of emotion in supermotard. It’s not that we don’t like Thomas Chareyre. In fact, we love his driving – but we love equality and excitement in racing. Marc-Reiner Schmidt has been close to beating the Frenchman this season, but he couldn’t do it in the end. The German is a very powerful young talent who surely will win some S1 titles. We aren’t asking for him to be the next champion, but to give some excitement to the competition.

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