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The year of the youth

“Youth, divine treasure”. Undoubtedly, that has been one of the most repeated phrases this season in the off-road, after we have seen how many youngster have competed hand-to-hand with the best in the world in each discipline and they have even beat them occasionaly. Some have had more success than others, but in general, the feeling that we have is that there is a golden future for them. They are no longer promises. Have become realities. They are already here.

It is a must to start talking about the biggest winner this year: Tim Gajser. The 19-year Slovenian motocross rider made his debut season in the premier class. MXGP has had in recent years a clear dominator, Tony Cairoli, but Gajser never feared any of his rivals and competed until the end. The result? He took the MXGP title with still one race remaining, a result of an unreal baggage: Gajser has won 7 GPs, 15 races, 8 qualifying races, has led 247 laps and has taken 16 out of 18 possible podium. In addition, is the first driver to take a MX2 championship and a MXGP title in consecutive seasons since 1993. This being 19 years old … And being rookie.

Another key name is Marc Reiner-Schmidt. The young German has been the main competitor of Thomas Chareyre this season, who, with one race left, is very close to getting the Supermoto World Championship. This does not mean that he has achieved it easily. Schmidt, who won the last European Championship and made his debut in the master class this season, has put him in trouble throughout the competition. He even took a victory. By the way, the German could yet crown his great season with the title. It is true that he has few options but Schmidt has already shown us that he is not one of those who give up easily.

In enduro, Steve Holcombe has been one of the candidates to win the title until the last day. The 22-year-old rider has finished on the podium in his second season with the best. He has also been one of the ‘animators’ of the world championship, slipping among the top three frequently and even winning some tests. After a crazy end of season, Holcombe finished in third place, a really good result for him. And with the feeling that the best is still to come.

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