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10 best Motocross riders of all time

It’s hard to chose just 10 riders in a mythical sport as the Motocross is, but certainly these 10 are the one of the best in history. By their titles, victories and podiums achieved and because of their meaning for Motocross.

1-Stefan Everts 

10 times World Champion is an amount that speaks for itself. However, Stefan stood out not only that, but also for its spectacular driving and greater capacity than the rest standing by drive time saw fit. In addition, he is the son of another myth Motocross, Harry Everts, showing that innate talent is carried in the genes.

2- Antonio Caroli:

No one has ever gotten as many titles as Andrea followed in the top flight. It is eight times World and 3 categories champion. The KTM rider Rebdull has become  thanks to his talent and effort in one of the best drivers ever seen. It is the image of the current Motocross, charisma and technique make it a unique pilot.

3- Joel Robert

Being 6 times world champion is very respectable and worthy to enter the Top 3 in the world rankings of the best motocross riders, but have a different style and daring to others they made him a special pilot. He came to stand in the middle of a run and greet the public, proving to be well above its rivals.

4- Roger de Coster

It is 5 times world champion, dominated the seventies ridden a Suzuki. And besides, it was characterized as a multipurpose pilot because he was an expert in the trial and enduro. He dubbed as “The Man”, de Coster was characterized by a superior to other races that allowed him to dominate from start to finish physical.

5- Eric Geboerts

If Coster was nicknamed “the Man”, to Geboerts called him “The Kid”. Not by having less physical but for being the younger brother of Sylvain Geboers, great driver of MX. The boy won 5 world championships in the eighties, ridden a Suzuki and ending his career with Honda.

6- Georges Jobe

There are riders who, besides his great resume, have a special and different story. Jobe had a great future as a footballer, but at 16 decided to leave the game. It is not known what would have become of him as a footballer, but hardly had become the sixth best in history, which itself achieved thanks to Motocross. Rather, thanks to his talent and his ability to jump better than the rest. 5 times world champion, the last two in the early 90s.

7- Joel Smets 

No injuries deprived him win five World Championships and become one of the best ever. We do not know how many would have gotten if he had not had to endure a tough knee injury. Still, it gives him time to become the third rider in history with more victories, only behind Everts and Cairoli.

8- Heikki Mikkola:

4 times world champion, with two different bikes: Husqvarna and Yamaha. Currently has seventy and precisely in the seventies was one of the best riders in the world and still today it is considered one of the greatest in the history of sport on two wheels.

9- Torsten Hallman:

Its 4 world championships remain prominence to one of the most important actions in the history of sport, of which he was the protagonist: Motocross Hallman introduced in the United States in the late sixties, despite being of Swedish nationality. Currently 76 years.

10, Harry Everts:

How could it be otherwise, the pilot closes the Top 10 of the best riders in the history of Motocross is of Belgian nationality. He also won four World Cups and is currently 64 years.

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