Braktec, distinguished guest at Emma Bristow’s stage

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Braktec, distinguished guest at Emma Bristow’s stage

Four times in a row winning the Trial Women’s World Championship, Emma Bristow takes now the teaching role at her stage, where Braktec has presence as a sponsor.


“To have a referent and to be able to follow the steps of a person who has already shone in its area is the best way to learn”, claimed Mª Angeles Juan –J.Juan Group’s Vice President- when she received Emma Bristow and all the junior trial riders at the headquarters facilities of the company in Gavá. Then, she continued: “We are happy to realize that young riders keep the passion for this sport. Besides, to keep walking by the side of such a rider as Bristow filled us with pride”.

This time, the off road brand of the leader company in hydraulic brake hoses not only bet on Emma but also do it on her stages for junior riders who want to learn from her. The British rider has spent some days training with this group of ‘students’, teaching them how to improve their performances. During the next months, the current world champion will keep doing this courses also in Italy and France.

Braktec, main sponsor of this activity, trusts in Emma since a lot of years ago, always pushing with her and being conscious of the magnificent talent that she has demonstrated to own achieving four world titles in a row in the recent years.

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