Braktec, stage of Toni Bou’s new Guinness record

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Braktec, stage of Toni Bou’s new Guinness record

After achieving his 22nd World Championship title, the Montesa Honda rider continues to increase his record with two Guiness records.

The XV Indoor Trial of Palau de Solità i Plegamans was held in the environs of Barcelona, where the main attraction of the day was the fight for the Guinness jump record in the Braktec zone. As usual in this sport, Toni Bou and Adam Raga were the two candidates for the titles, being that of Honda who finally took them.

First, they faced the high jump record, which consisted of climbing a wall from the same ground. This time, Bou left the mark in 2.05 meters, despite trying to increase it to 2.10 that did not exceed. Even so, the record was enough for the Trial World Champion to win the first record.

Later, Bou and Raga challenged the jump with ramp, a record that Honda already beat in 2014, when he jumped 3.24 meters. However, this time again Toni surpassed his own mark, which set at 3.28. A new Guinness record reached by the twenty-two-time Trial World Champion.

This is the way Toni Bou achieves the record. Watch it!

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