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About us

Braktec brand is specializing in the design and manufacturing of brake and clutch systems for off-road sector of the J.Juan Group.

Its origin starts from the AJP, a highly recognized company in the off-road world, which was acquired in 2011 by J.Juan to lead its new project: The creation of a modern, dynamic and competitive brand, becoming a great leader in the sector.

Since the beginning Braktec showed itself as an expert brand in the industry, struggling to manufacture the most reliable and competitive products in the market. A young team, committed to the brand, enable Braktec to continue its every day growth.

Braktec is present in the most important competitions on two wheels in the world, such as World Championships of Trial, Enduro, Motocross and the Dakar, among others, and collaborates directly with highly regarded pilots and teams, who rely on our products and help us to improve day by day.


As a part of the J.Juan Group, Braktec counts on engineering, backed by the latest technologies and facilities, to develop the best products for motorcycles. Our engineers collaborate with manufacturers of motorcycles from the very start of development in each project, offering the best solution with reliable and competitive products.



The group also has a production that is characterized by its efficiency and flexibility, using the latest technology.


Throughout the overall process we perform the indicated thorough checks to ensure the maximum reliability of the product, ensuring that it meets the specifications.

Our customers

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