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Eric Tomás signs for Braktec

One of the biggest motocross talents in our country. That is how we could define Eric Tomás, new Braktec signing. And the 13 years old pilot has already been successful despite his youth: he took last year’s Spanish motocross Championship in 85cc, an amazing achievement that describes his conditions as pilot.

His talent is so huge that even a elite pilot as Pol Espargaró noticed it. After being champion of Spain, Tomás experienced one of the problems that unfortunately is quite common in the motoring world: he had no means to participate in the next championship. When Espargaró heard this, he managed to get a motorcycle for the current champion. In addition, Espargaró created a team for him, Team 44 by Polyccio. A gesture that not only speaks well for Monster Yamaha Tech3 rider, but also explains the magnitude of the great hope of Spanish motocross.

Tomás is sometimes compared to Jorge Prado, the other great motocross talent in our country, but has his feet on the ground. “I want to keep growing, learning and improving”, he says. It seems that his humility is as undeniable as his talent.
What do you think when you sign a contract like this with Braktec being so young?

The truth is this is a lot of joy. I am happy to have help from a big company like Braktec, which works with so many other great riders from different disciplines. In short, it is an honor.

I think you are receiving so many good news this year: first helped by Pol Espargaró, now this…

Yes, I really can not complain. I am glad that my work is paying off. All this good news motivate me to keep working in the future. There is still much work to be done.

Although 2015 was not bad at all, too. You won the Spanish Championship of MX85. How does it feel?

Winning the Spanish Championship of MX85 was a huge reward after a very difficult year, in which we had to work a lot because of my injury. It was very exciting personally, as I say, it meant a reward for the hard work we all did to achieve it.
Jorge Prado and you are both the greatest gems motocross. What are the differences between you?

The truth is that I never liked to compare myself with anyone. It is clear that Jorge is a reference for everybody, and of course it’s a compliment for me to be compared with. But we still have much work to do.

Who is currently your idol?
There are many. Perhaps because the season he is doing in the MXGP, Tim Gajser. He is a rookie in the premier class and is about to win it. It is an impressive achievement.
What is Eric Tomás biggest desire?

Reaching the elite motocross worldwide. But until it comes, we must continue working every day as we have done so far.

What goals have been scored in the family short, medium and long term?

I know my family is focused on trying to always get the best for me. Thanks to this I can grow, learn and improve. It is most important on a personal level for now. Hard work and humility is the foundation of success.

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