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This weekend Kegums will host the sixth round of the World Motocross, at the same time, it will be the second for the European (250 and 300). To EMX125, however, it will be the first race and drivers like Alex Santin, of Jezyk Racing Team will try to give everything in such an important test. 1540 meters are the hard sand that form one of the most attractive European Championship circuits and even the World in general.

With regard to Spain, Jose Butron, contesting the World at a high level, it will be his sixth test. While Ander Valentin, another great Spanish riders, will make his second race after the Dutch Grand Prix. Jorge Zaragoza is the only Spanish category MX2 racing full world, while Larrañaga and Mataro disputed only his second test.

In MX2 we will have to Zaragoza, Larrañaga and Mataro. Jorge is the only dispute the whole world and thus reaches its sixth test, however Larrañaga and Mataro will celebrate their second World Cup. But it is in the EMX125 category where most Spanish drivers can find. Not surprising considering that there are 71 registered in the category. As Alex Santin says, “it is my first race of the European and still do not know exactly the level that I’m going to find.” Still, he is optimistic and says that “try to get to be in the Top20 and from there go climbing positions.” Santín not be alone representing Spain. as Sergi Notario, Joan David Rosell, Joel Anton, Mario Girona Albert Lucas or are struggling to stay in the top places. One of the most promising drivers and present of Spain, Jorge Prado, will be in the category of European EMX250, along with other brilliant names as Oriol Casas, Nil Pons, Ruben Fernandez or Simeo Ubach. They do not have easy despite its high level, as only 40 of the 89 registered played both rounds.

In the European EMX250, there will be Spanish presence with five other riders. They are Oriol Casas, Jorge Prado, Nil Pons, Ruben Fernandez and Simeo Ubach. In this category the number of pilots who will fight for entering the races will be higher, with a total of 89 entries from which only the top 40 will access both sleeves.

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