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The funniest crashes in trial


We have all fallen ever in our lives. And yes, we felt ridiculous to do so. And what is worse, when the time comes up it hurts a lot, because there is a dignity to keep. But the good thing is that we learn everyone falls, and we understand that even the greatest ever fail. Something similar must have thought the great Toni Bou this weekend in Lourdes, when a sharp fall left him out of the fight for the victory of the Grand Prix. Even so, nineteen times world champion managed to reach a podium.

What is clear is that if Toni Bou to falls, we will do. No matter whether your trial bike, with your road bike or even with your scooter. Be prepared to test the asphalt at all times. That is why we decided to make a collection of YouTube videos on falls in trial. Take the opportunity to laugh now because who knows when you will appear in one of the funny videos.

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