How are tires in off-road?

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How are tires in off-road?

In motor a driver depends on many factors. But one of his major accomplices is the tire, one that will put together our machine to the asphalt. It is surely someone important and deserves recognition. Because it does not matter how good we are, our dependence of it is absolute. Therefore, it requires care and attention. If we are capable of manage its life correctly, it will be easier to achieve success.

As with almost all components, tires are different depending on discipline. Therefore, we will focus mainly on off-road. In this category we find the tires of the trial, they have a very large number of wads and work with very reduced pressures, that is, that sometimes may even give the impression that look somewhat deflated. Why does this happen? Because the pilot wants grip on rather shaky ground, as may be the rocks, wetlands, ramps… In addition, another feature they have is that their cases are too square and highly deformable.

Moreover, we found the off-road tires. Yes, it seems that this name discriminate the trial, but the intention is not that. The enduro and motocross bikes wear them, with the main difference regarding trial tires is that they do not have as many wads as the tires of the trial, but they are much thicker in order to find a perfect grip on soft earth ground.

It is important to point out that these two types of tires are exclusive for the off-road world, since on the asphalt their features would hinder the grip and degrade quickly. In fact, if you compare the off-road wheels with the SuperMotard ones, the differences are easy to see. All of this discipline leave behind the wads and focus on getting the tire reaches high temperatures to better compete.

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