1. This weekend will be your first time in Trial2. First time as well competing against male?

Yes this weekend is my first ever ride with the world championship trial 2 with the boys. In the UK I compete against the men in the British Championship, Scottish Six days and many more. I am looking forward to the challenge of more difficult sections, it will be more physical but I find riding against the boys at these levels always makes me stronger and I’m always looking to improve my level.

2. How do you feel after toke both wins in Japan?

It was important to perform well in Japan and to kick off my season with two wins was the perfect start. I felt like I rode well but I’m a perfectionist and always want to be better, so I am now working hard for the second half of the championship.

3. World Champion already four times.. what keeps you motivated?

It’s true that being motivated is important in sport and what keeps me motivated is always wanting to improve myself, my results, my ability and I’m never happy to stand still and not work hard. Ultimately winning is the best feeling and so I will do everything I can to make sure I’m ready for competition!

4. Do you think year after year there are more women interested on Trial?

Yes of course I do believe  that women’s trials is growing. I think the stereotype of motorbikes being just for men is changing and is constantly being challenged and it’s encouraging to see more and more women enjoying motorbikes around the world. Its been a really positive step over the last 2 years to see the womens world championship move out of europe to new destinations like USA  and Japan. We are always made so welcome by the fans and is great for us women to show the world what we can do.

5. Your Sherco uses Braktec brake system. What do you think about the product?

To perform at your best it’s necessary to have the best parts. In trials, braking is so precise and important and I have full confidence in my braking under all conditions. Braktec puts my mind at rest as I can always trust them for performance and reliabilty.

6. If you would have to describe Braktec just using one word, what would it be?

Precision. From Design and development to the race, the attention to detail makes Braktec always one step ahead.

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