Interview to Arnau Vilardell, manager Sherco Academy

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Interview to Arnau Vilardell, manager Sherco Academy

We interviewed the commercial director of Sherco Academy, Arnau Vilardell. Thanks to this project, many young riders have been able to start competing trial. Riders are trained, they received structure to compete and technical advice during competitions. Undoubtedly one of the initiatives that is helping to develop trial.

What is the Sherco Academy project?

In countries that we are working we create academies for youth to have access to the trial. The most important thing for us is to have youth, because without an academy behind is very difficult to succeed. In addition to receiving assistance during the tournament, we got them feel belonging to a brand. It is an expensive world and as a result have access.

Have you achieved progress?

Our pilots tend to be on the podiums. In the championships we are always with them, we give them technical assistance and encouragement. We are satisfied because they always make good roles, or win or reach the podium, most of them. In addition, more and more people asking us information to make the team, we are strengthening in all areas of Spain. We must promote the trial everywhere.

Under what philosophy the project is governed?

The essence of our project is to facilitate access to the world of trial and enduro. It is a very pretty world but you have to help young people, offering them a common structure to help them achieve their goals. It is very rewarding to support and promote this wonderful sport.

How important are parents in the development process of the pilot?

They are fundamental. They are the official sponsor, without them it is impossible to work the learning process of a child in the trial.

Are there differences between the teaching of the trial with enduro?

There is an essential difference: the trial is much more technical than the enduro. In the enduro is you who you decide how you’re going to run, if you give more gas or less. In the trial, however, it is the most technical discipline and will impose areas.

Do Sherco riders involved in the project?

Yes. Fortunately they collaborate a lot when they are willing to work with younger despite their busy schedules. The races start at the same time for everyone, but they still take time to help.

Do you receive help of other brands in the industry for this to succeed?

Yes, it is fortunate to have sponsors to help us work together to get this right.

Spain is the best country to learn these sports?

Spain has a large quarry. The quarry is essential in any sport. We believe that we must apply the discipline from below. In the trial the psychological part is very important, the head has to be clear and uncluttered.

What is the most important thing that should enhance a rider since childhood?

It is essential to understand that despite being individual sports, there is a very important team work. You have to understand that part of a structure and a factory. And they have to assess the help of sponsors. Then, once they are competing, each looking for their own interests, of course.

Do you have foreign pilots?

In Spain it is only for the Spanish market, but there’s an academy in France, one in Germany and one in Italy with its own distributors. France has done a tremendous job, his academy is brutal and has achieved good results. They have drivers competing in world enduro and trial.

Toni Bou talent helps to promote trial?

Toni Bou is one of the best riders in history and makes the fans enjoy. For us the basis is that the fan be happy and enjoy.

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