Japan, full of incentives for Trial GP

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Japan, full of incentives for Trial GP

This weekend the World Championship Trial travels to reach Japan. The best riders in the world visit Asia to be cited in the second test of one of the most exciting World Championships of recent times. A few weeks ago in Cal Rosal, Catalonia, Albert Cabestany won the first round and Toni Bou won the second one. Montesa Honda rider emerged as leader of the Grand Prix of Spain, while Adam Raga is second to 5 points on 9-time world champion.

Japan, the perfect setting

There are just a few circuits outside Europe, one of them is Japan, a country with great drivers and fans trial. Since 1999, Motegi is the home of the test. The country has the best pilot trial of Japanese history, which is still active and hoards great records; Fujimani, and the most recent times champion bike: Honda. Therefore, talent and motivation of former World Champion Fujnami may catapult him even to Podium.

Toni Bou vs Adam Raga?

Toni Bou is clearly the favorite to win the event, as it has done 13 times in Japanese territory. But Adam Raga is also World Champion and uploaded to a TRS that is increasingly better performance, has a high probability of beating the test. However, in recent times it has become customary for someone between these two great drivers leakage. Albert Cabestany and his seniority, has surprised more than once staying ahead of Raga, and even Toni Bou, as was the case of the Grand Prix Cal Rosal. It should be noted that Toni Bou was touched her shoulder at that meeting and still not one hundred percent. Another of the best drivers in the world, Jeroni Fajardo, will have the motivation to fulfill its Grand Prize 200. And his teammate, Vertigo, James Dabill, he surprised and finishing third in the second day of Cal Rosal, and is willing to give surprise again.

Attention to young riders

Jaime Busto started very strong in Cal Rosal, and although the Honda rider managed to not get on the podium in any event, it is getting better pilot and is qualified to be among the best. Other riders like Jorge Casales, Beta, or Pol Tarres, TRS are also at a high level


Arnau Farré, Gas Gas, after winning one of the two tests after Cal Rosal and get the perfect lap with 0 errors, try to emerge victorious. But Iwan Roberts, Beta, is the category leader. And eye to the six Japanese pilots who will dispute this category and have the opportunity to be in a good place.


40 points are Jack Peace, Gas Gas, will take the second place, showing that it is the absolute leader in the category. Although local pilots, as in Trial2, try to make it as difficult as possible.

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